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About Us

Time and money are important issues when purchasing equipment.

Here's what you deserve - and will receive - before, during, and after a Belle Way purchase.
  1. Straight Answers On Condition.
  2. Straight Answers On Fuel Mileage.
  3. Straight Answers On Trade Ins.
  4. Straight Answers On Pricing.
  5. Straight Answers On Financing.
  6. Straight Answers On Warranties.
No Surprises - No Gimmicks - No Headaches
Straight ANSWERS Guaranteed!

What do you really get from a purchase with Belle Way?

Unfortunately, not a whole lot.
Here are some of the features that you don't get.
The come standard on most other used trucks.
  • "Cut" Crankshaft (Reground)
  • Soft Camshafts (Worn Lobes)
  • Bad King Pins
  • Loose Tie Rod Ends
  • Sloppy Drag Links
  • "Playful" U-Joints
  • Blown Grease Seals
  • Brakes Under 50%
  • Junk Bushings
  • Broken Springs
  • Exhaust Leaks
  • Junk Or Bias Ply Tires
  • Engine Slobbering Oil Or Antifreeze
  • Air Leaks
  • Broken Window Glass
  • Lights That Don't Shine
  • Kinks In P/S System
  • Dirty Oil
  • Weak Antifreeze
  • Alternators That Don't Charge
  • Weak Batteries
  • As-Is Agreements